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I’m Pastor Elisa Renae Ashley.
I’m excited and grateful that you stopped by.
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I believe 
  • The deeper our spiritual connection and growth in Christ, the more love and joy and peace and clarity we live in each day
  • The more love and joy and peace we have, the freer we are to be the unique, authentic and vulnerable individuals God has made us and is calling us to be
  • The more authentic and vulnerable we are, the stronger our connections with each other and the deeper our influence as a leader
  • The stronger our connections, the healthier our organizations and communities will be
We lead whenever
  • We influence those around us through our words, actions and example as we seek to accomplish a common goal.
  • That could be a church, a work-team, a non-profit, a class, a club, a community or volunteer group, or a kid’s soccer team
We lead out of
  • Who we are. 
  • Our life experiences, our knowledge, our spiritual and emotional health, our perceptions, our values
We are
heart      –      soul      –      strength      –      mind
In Luke 10:28, Jesus calls us to love God with these parts of ourselves. When we answer this call, God’s love in turn filters through the rest of our lives, including our leadership.
We can lead with
  • Passionate heart
  • Transformed soul
  • Godly strength
  • Wise mind
Is that what you want?
But I feel 
  • stressed to the max
  • over-scheduled and under-rested
  • afraid of making mistakes
  • small
  • frustrated by our group
  • fighting burnout
  • wondering if there’s something wrong with me
  • wondering if this is all there is 
  • wondering why God feels so distant, even though I love him
This can help: Spiritual Formation
  • our own unique path
  • directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • as we yield to the heart of Christ being formed within us
  • to the glory of Father-God
It’s the yielding that gets ya. I can help in that area.
We all have a unique path as different as our fingerprints. No matter where you find yourself on your spiritual journey, I’m here to support your moving forward.
Christian leaders want our spirit to be continually formed by the Holy Spirit. We want to be like Jesus from the inside-out. That’s what Spiritual Formation is all about. 

 I desire to serve you in these areas.

Deepen   Spiritually

Build Immunity to Stress

Renew Vision of Leadership

  • Broaden your knowledge of how the Holy Spirit drives our spiritual transformation.
  • Help you begin or deepen your spiritual practices.
  • Lead interactive experiences that invite transformation.
  • Create space and invite the Holy Spirit to bring:
    • greater vitality and dependence on prayer
    • genuine love and acceptance of self
    • more biblically centered relationships
  • Yes, it is possible! Stress is fear driven. We can become less afraid.
  • A deepening trust in God changes our perceptions. Stress is driven by our perceptions of events…not the events themselves.
  • Stress can literally kill…us, our relationships, and our leadership. It’s crucial to build-up immunity!
  • Christian leadership is about serving and influencing others to the glory of God. But we can’t serve God or others without self-care.
  • The heart of leadership is more a matter of self-care and self-development than a matter of technique.
  • Your influence (leadership) expands as you are more authentically able to “love  your neighbor as yourself.” (Empathy.)  So the journey of self-love is vital.
  • So…if you’re to love those you lead as yourself…how are you treating yourself? 

I would love to speak and teach at your next event, including       but not limited to:


Leadership Team Training

Faculty In-Service





Bible Study


Youth Training

Group Gathering

Health and Wellness Club

Meet Rev. Elisa Renae Ashley, Founder, President and Executive Director

For more details
about her diverse offerings
and this brand-new,
exciting ministry contact her.
View Elisa’s full resume here.
Elisa has a passion for the Lord and for her fellow leaders. She longs to help them deepen their spirituality, expand their love and joy, and broaden their leadership.
Her education includes:
She is:
  • caring, bright, thoughtful, witty, talkative, energetic and, honestly, somewhat absent minded with a propensity for falling down
  • a lover of hats
  • rescuer of animals
  • laughter enthusiast
  • barterer of shelf space with her husband for their many and varied books 

She has served in various leadership positions in both education and pastoral ministry. Her ministry has spanned numerous years and various denominations. She is an award-winning speaker and writer who has spoken to groups small and large of well over 1,000.

Elisa knows what a dark night of the soul feels like and has emerged to continue her spiritual journey and leadership call with Jesus. She has felt the pain of fear, stress, doubt, betrayal, poor health and has a genuine message of hope to offer you. She is not here to judge; she is here to share and listen.

Her presentations are packed with:
  • sincerity
  • energy
  • media
  • learning and laughing
  • ok, full disclosure, perhaps a bit of cathartic crying along the way
For more details about her diverse offerings and this brand-new, exciting ministry contact her.

Meet our Board of Directors

Buddy Dutton, Vice-President

Jennifer Carter, Secretary, Co-Treasurer

Deacon Larry Thum

  • Buddy has a big heart, a strong sense of right and wrong, and makes the best barbecue in the southeast.
  • He brings to the Board years of serving on a church leadership team, a down-to-earth, common-sense approach to solving problems, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • He is dedicated and dependable.
  • Jennifer has a tender heart of gold, unbreakable trustworthiness, and is the best proofreader you could ever ask for.
  • She brings to the Board a long-suffering walk with the Lord, expertise in finance including business school, and the desire and ability to follow and enforce regulations.
  • She is resilient and reliable.
  • Deacon Larry has an unshakable theology, a desire for those around him to succeed, and is the best chef in Philly.
  • He brings to the Board his expertise as a deacon, organization and steadiness of thought, and tireless dedication to the Lord’s work.
  • He is effective and fervent.

Dr. Rev. Leslie Attema

Angie Lugo

Jazmine Grundy

  • Leslie has the gift of compassion, endurance, and makes the best banana bread south of the Yucatan!
  • She brings to the Board not only a Doctorate but years of ministry experience, a passion for spiritual formation, and a level, discerning spirit.
  • She is wise and authentic.
  • Angie has the gift to rise above, a boldness to face problems head-on, and can sing so sweetly it will bring tears to your eyes.
  • She brings to the Board a spiritual intimacy with the Lord, a Bachelor’s degree, and thorough analysis.
  • She is encouraging and devoted.
  • Jazmine has a gift of intelligence, the willingness to speak truth, and is unparalleled in her ability to review a movie.
  • She brings to the Board the struggle of her faith journey, a Master’s degree, and the perspective of a young, female leader.
  • She is persevering with a great wit.
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